I decided to attend Adam’s day-long mindfulness retreat. To this day, I have never felt more at peace! For 8 hours we meditated, reflected, ate, and walked in silence. There was a level of humility that I felt Adam exhibited that truly allowed for all participants to focus on being mindful. The retreat was structured in a way that truly allowed participants to engage in a meaningful mindful routine. By the end, we had grown used to ‘being.’ It was beautiful! - LW, District Partnership Manager, Mystery Science


Founder & Executive Director, Headstand Schools

"Adam’s leadership and facilitation skills are of the highest standard. While he is studious, creative, a masterful storyteller, and well-planned, it is his ability to actually practice mindfulness as he delivers content which sets him apart. He’s able to hone in on the present moment and bring awareness and meaning to educators with humor, and a seemingly endless well of encouragement and nurturing presence to anchor the practice."


Project Coordinator, teacher

"I couldn’t do all that I am doing if I wasn’t practicing mindfulness. I would probably be a stressed out, anxiety ridden teacher. And that would be what I would take home to my mom, who lives with me, and whom I care for. Adam’s course and the meditation practice have helped me to see how I can be aware, in the moment, and be able to check myself to not react, but to observe. When I am in class and I feel I am losing control, when it becomes uncomfortable and I get stressed, I react. And it usually results in disappointment. When I am mindful, things flow even when there is discomfort. When I am able to keep the mindset of awareness my teaching feels so much better. Thank you!"


Trauma Informed Practices Coach

"Adam is very aware of the needs of educators. Being part of this community of like-minded educators has made me feel like I'm not doing this alone. The retreat was a perfect opportunity to make real-life connections. I'm able to apply many of the strategies into my daily life, thus I am not only mindful of my relationships at work, but at home as well."