Mindfulness Meditation For School Staff

(30 minutes) *Sliding scale available*

These sessions incorporate evidence based mindfulness practices promoting stress reduction, and resilience, and are designed to strengthen community, and school culture.  

  • 20-minute guided secular mindfulness meditation practice 
  • 10 minute group share, Q&A, and guidance to incorporate learnings into the life of an educator 

Ideal minimum = 1 session per month

Mindfulness 101 for K-12 Educators

(60 minutes) *Sliding scale available*

This 4+ part series of presentations is designed to support faculty by providing a deep understanding of the utility, science and practice of mindfulness.

  • Learn techniques that can reduce stress and promote joy
  • This series will support educators to more skillfully meet the demands of the classroom
  • Learn how mindfulness supports students to cultivate self-awareness, compassion and resilience. 

*Each presentation includes a brief guided secular mindfulness session

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Programming designed to support K-12 educators to share mindfulness-based practices with youth

  • Develop the foundation of a personal mindfulness practice
  • Train to implement a mindfulness curriculum into the classroom
  • Support students to manage stress and develop self-awareness and compassion