Mindfulness for Work & Life

One Mindful provides evidence-based mindfulness and stress reduction training via video conference.

Sessions and presentations to support:

stress reduction

emotional regulation


increased well-being

community building

Video sessions provide the employees the freedom to dial in from anywhere.

Programming & Options

All sessions for any number of employees.

Reduced rate and sliding scale pricing available for organizations with greater need. 

Mindfulness Meditation

30 Minute sessions

Ongoing group mindfulness meditation supporting employees to develop self-awareness and discover ease in work & life.

  • 20-minute guided secular mindfulness meditation practice.
  • 10-minute group share, Q&A, and guidance to incorporate learnings into the everyday.

Mindfulness 101

45 Minute Sessions

What is mindfulness? How can it support life and work? Mindfulness 101 is an ongoing series of presentations teaching the utility, science and practice of mindfulness. 

  • Learn techniques that can reduce stress and promote joy
  • Discover how mindfulness cultivates self-awareness, compassion, and resilience.
  • 10-minute guided secular meditation practice